Adkins Consulting Engineering, LLC :: Company Profile

Local Excellence

Adkins Consulting Engineering, LLP is a recognized civil engineering, surveying, structural design, and materials testing firm in Klamath Falls, Oregon with a service area extending to all of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Our primary focus is to assist our clients to fully realize their visions whether they are municipalities, land developers, or corporate clients. Our knowledge and implementation of technological advancements is critical to Civil Engineering and Land Surveying operations, both in the office and out in the field.


"Their actions on the Henley School Project helped reduce costs for the bus and vehicle parking areas on the magnitude of $150,000.  This was greater than their entire work order amount so they essentially paid for themselves during the design phase of the project.  This is a sign that Adkins is truly looking out for the needs of each project and client."

Greg Thede, Superintendent 
Klamath County School District


"Adkins Consulting Engineering has been working for the City of Klamath Falls for over 30 years. To date they have competed over 150 engineering, surveying, and material testing contracts for the City. The projects have ranged from small to large and complex and include roadway, wastewater, and water projects."

Mark Willrett P.E., Public Works Director
City of Klamath Falls


"Over the past several years, Adkins has assisted the City with the funding, planning, design engineering, and construction engineering for our recently completed Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades. The project is the largest project we have completed in the history of the City and totaled $6 Million in total project funding."

Hank Ebinger, Mayor
City of Tulelake