Adkins Consulting Engineering, LLC :: Transportation


Adkins’ engineers provide creative and effective transportation engineering and design services ranging from route analysis to funding assistance and design. We are experienced in identifying the most feasible alternatives and considering stakeholder input along with local regulations.

Our team is familiar with Oregon Department of Transportation and Federal highway funding, and we’ve completed many public and private local agency projects. We are the right local team for all of your transportation engineering needs.

Adkins’ transportation services include:

  • Route alternatives analysis and cost estimating:  Adkins’ engineers analyze available documents such as aerial photos, contours, property lines, utility locations, etc. to create a project base map which is then used to determine topography, environmental, utility, and other potential constraints for the alternatives under consideration. Adkins uses matrices to compare and identify strengths and weaknesses of alternatives, assigning a score to each metric. This process helps our client select a preferred alternative to move forward with design and have confidence that their project starts out with the appropriate budget.
  • Traffic studies and traffic control plans:  We have completed many traffic studies, including our recent traffic study as a part of the OR62 Corridor Solutions Project in Jackson County, OR. Our traffic control plans will ensure that contractors can effectively complete their work while maintaining a safe and uniform flow of traffic. We have also recently teamed with subconsultants to complete the Lake County Transportation System Plan (TSP) and City of Klamath Falls Urban Trail Master Plan.
  • Roadways:  Adkins has completed countless successful roadway projects, including widening, streetscape analysis, data collection, map preparation, traffic engineering, rehabilitation all the way from preliminary design to the permitting phase and final design.
  • Bridges:  Adkins performs conceptual designs, cost estimating, final designs, bidding assistance, and construction services for bridge construction projects. Projects have ranged in size from $10,000 to nearly $15 million.
  • Construction Engineering/Inspection:  Adkins provides construction engineering services to ensure that projects are completed as designed and specified. We have performed this role for many roadway and bridge engineering projects for City, County, State, and Federal clients.
  • Regulatory Agency Coordination:  Transportation projects often require extensive interaction with regulatory agencies to prevent delay and obtain the appropriate environmental or cultural permits. Adkins collaborates with regulatory agency representatives to ensure timely progress and implementation throughout the life of the project.



City of Klamath Falls   – Urban Trail Master Plan

Adkins is working with the City of Klamath Falls and Kittelson & Associates, Inc. to create an Urban Trail Master Plan, and has been working to evaluate the City’s existing trail system conditions and assess areas that are in need of improvement. This involves planning for the City’s future trail network and how it can best serve the citizen’s needs. Adkins will be recommending projects, policies, programs, pilot projects, and studies in support of the final Urban Trail Master Plan.

Lake County, ORTransportation System Plan Update

Adkins has provided a traffic and alternative analysis as part of Lake County’s Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update through the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). We worked to update where growth and land development is occurring, as well as project future development and determine where funds will be invested. Our primary goal is to improve safety issues and reduce traffic flow issues by creating a list of capital improvement projects for the next 20 years.

City of Klamath Falls – Washburn Way Sidewalks

Our engineers performed design, surveying, right-of-way exhibits, materials testing, and construction engineering services for adding sidewalks, pedestrian-activated beacons, curbs, and drainage along the Washburn and Eberlein corridors. Project funding was provided by both the City and State.

City of Tulelake – Overlay Project

Adkins performed design and construction engineering services in addition to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) environmental documentation and clearances required for nearly one mile of new street. This project was funded by the State of California.