Survey precision is typically the first step in a successful design or construction project. Adkins’ survey team is the region’s most experienced and accurate, as evidenced by the completion of over 2,000 land surveying and staking projects in Southern Oregon over the past 30 years. We use Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is a key computer-based tool, to analyze, inventory, and manage geographical information. Adkins has you covered with our surveying and GIS capabilities.

We have a comprehensive survey department with two Registered Professional Land Surveyors and one Land Surveyor in Training, along with five technicians, three of whom have formal GIS training. We utilize state of the art software, GPS, and robotic survey equipment to provide a streamlined field-to-finish product. Our clients include private landowners, public municipalities, and agencies including cities, counties, irrigation districts, and state and federal agencies. 

Our surveying services include:

  • Survey Topography:  The Adkins survey team provides survey topography and utility base mapping services for a variety of private and public works and infrastructure projects. We also have the ability to provide laser surveying via an airplane-mounted LIDAR system for large scale projects.
  • Boundary, Subdivision, Property Line Adjustment, and ALTA Surveys:  Our survey department has the depth of experience to complete large, complex boundary, subdivision, and land partition surveys. Whether it is a standalone boundary project or in support of our public works and infrastructure efforts, we deliver trusted and well researched boundary options and plats. Adkins has also completed several large-scale ALTA surveys for industrial and commercial sites.
  • Right-of-Way Research, Determination, and Acquisition:  In support of our transportation and utility corridor design projects, Adkins surveyors excel at in-depth right-of-way research and determination. Our project survey team has worked with a variety of public agencies over the years to develop detailed right-of-way procedures to ensure accurate and timely resolutions for right-of-way projects.
  • GIS Mapping:  Our survey department also has GIS mapping and database management experience. We routinely provide this service on projects and deliver data and mapping in GIS format. Our team utilizes the latest GPS technology to capture, define, and categorize assets for input into ArcView. We have the ability to set up GIS user accounts for hosting data on the web.
  • FEMA Flood Hazard Mapping:  Our team routinely works with private and public clients to identify flood elevations and issue subsequent flood elevation certificates when applicable. Adkins also possesses the latest copies of flood hazard maps and software. We understand FEMA flood hazard mapping requirements for field work and mapping projects.
  • River/Stream Hydraulic Surveys:  Adkins has a wide variety of experience and technical competence performing stream restoration surveys, as well as preparing cross sections, detailed elevations, and dimensions of structures and adjacent features. We have experience inputting our survey data directly into HEC-RAS models so accurate hydraulic evaluations can be completed to meet your needs.
  • Construction Staking:  Our survey team has a long and very successful record of completing large construction staking efforts in support of our infrastructure projects. We utilize the latest technology in construction staking and automated machine control staking.



US Fish and Wildlife Lower Lake Wildlife Refuge – Survey Topography, Structure Inventory, and GIS

Adkins recently performed survey mapping, a draining structure inventory, and stage/storage water volume calculations for 62 units in the Lower Lake Wildlife Refuge. This comprehensive survey included LIDAR and field-collected data encompassing nearly 40,000 acres of land and nearly 500 drainage structures, pipes, and canals.

City of Chiloquin – Water and Wastewater System Mapping

Adkins completed a comprehensive mapping project for the City’s water system, including seven miles of pipeline of varying age, type, and size. Data collected for this effort was used to model the water system as a part of the Water Master Plan. We have also performed all surveying, mapping, and inspection services for the water and wastewater infrastructure.

South Suburban Sanitary District – Mapping and GIS

Adkins surveyed and prepared a systemwide inventory and mapping of over 100 miles of sanitary sewer infrastructure. The topographic information collected was used to build a GIS database for the District’s system, which will be used for asset management moving forward.