Adkins Consulting Engineering, LLC :: Irrigation


Adkins’ team includes several registered civil engineers and technicians who are experts in irrigation distribution systems, their uses, and the evaluation of existing systems. Our experienced staff has been providing irrigation engineering services in Southern Oregon for over 30 years.

We offer numerous integral services for irrigation such as design engineering, water rights assistance, property/land surveying, materials testing, and survey staking. We also provide construction engineering services for roadway, water mains, wastewater collection, stream restoration, fish screens, GIS data management, structural/building design, and construction management.

Many of our engineers have invaluable hands-on experience working with irrigation systems including pump stations, pipe networks, hydraulic modeling, canal conveyance, existing system capacity measurements, etc. Our irrigation clients range from private landowners to public municipalities and agencies. This includes ranchers, farmers, cities, counties, irrigation districts, state and federal agencies. 

Our irrigation services include:

  • River/Stream Hydraulic Surveys: We have a wide variety of experience and technical competence performing stream restoration surveys, preparing cross sections, detailed elevations and dimensions of structures and adjacent features. We have experience inputting our survey data directly into HEC-RAS models so that accurate hydraulic evaluations can be completed to meet your needs.
  • Diversion Structures: Adkins’ diversion structure work incorporates sensitivity to biological systems and regulatory requirements, while achieving the primary object of diverting water for irrigation purposes. Low operation and maintenance costs and operator safety are always a priority in diversions designed by Adkins.
  • Fish Screens:  When it comes to fish screens, Adkins understands that one size does not fit all. Each site requires a custom approach to find the most suitable agency-approved screen with the right configuration to meet the owner’s objectives. We understand the importance of minimizing operation and maintenance requirements.
  • GIS Mapping:  Our survey department has GIS mapping and database management experience. We routinely provide this service on projects and deliver data and mapping in GIS format. The latest GPS technology is utilized to capture, define, and categorize assets for input into ArcView.
  • Pump Stations: Adkins has designed several irrigation pump station projects. We have experience utilizing variable speed drives with programmable controllers and complex telemetry and alarm systems. Adkins realizes the importance of designing reliable pump stations to provide continuous irrigation to avoid crop loss or other damage.
  • Well Design:  Adkins has assisted many clients with well design and construction, including increasing the depth of wells, refurbishing well head equipment, replacing motors and pumps with high efficiency equipment to reduce electrical costs, and installation of solar panels to help offset pumping costs, etc.
  • Distribution/Transmission: Being based in a rural farming region, Adkins understands the importance of reliable, low cost distribution and transmission of irrigation water. We routinely assist clients with easements on adjacent property, modeling and minimizing head loss to reduce costs, and utilizing historic waterways to reduce construction costs. Our distribution and transmission experience includes small and large diameter pipe, large canals, and small ditches.


Klamath Irrigation District - C Flume Replcement

Adkins was the engineer for the C-Flume Replacement project, which included the demolition of approximately 4,200 linear feet of a crumbling above-grade concrete irrigation flume, and the design of a new buried and elevated pipe with associated irrigation system improvements. The newly designed irrigation pipe consists of 3,582 linear feet of buried 10-foot diameter pipe and 765 feet of elevated pipe that is supported by both concrete spread footings and pile supported cap beams. Adkins was also tasked with designing all fittings, access structures, irrigation delivery improvements, and access roads.

U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation - Water Rights Adjudication

The Klamath Basin struggles with limited water supplies and increasing demands for water, leading to conflicts between the Upper and Lower Klamath Basins during drought and water shortages. Adkins mapped and verified parcel size of irrigated land as well as other pertinent features that would help with water rights adjudication in the future. The purpose of a water right adjudication is to collect, catalog, and confirm all water rights through the court, and to determine to which property those water rights belong, binding property owners and all parties to the court’s declaration of those water rights.