Adkins Consulting Engineering, LLC :: Construction Management


At Adkins, we consider ourselves advocates for our client’s success. We provide construction monitoring and special inspection services to ensure that your projects are constructed according to plans and to the level of quality that you expect. We have assisted our clients on projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar, multi-year construction projects.

Our philosophy is that we want to create an interactive relationship between the client, designer, and construction team that fosters a successful outcome for everyone. Our goal is to ensure that the highest quality projects are constructed, including the implementation of our design. We provide construction services for all projects that we or others design, including, but not limited to, water, wastewater, stormwater, transportation, buildings, site development, etc.

Adkin’s construction observation services include:

  • Materials testing:  Adkins performs numerous materials testing services in the laboratory and in the field. We test soils, aggregates, asphalt and concrete in accordance with ANSI, ASTM, AASHTO, ACI, ODOT and other applicable standards. Compaction testing is provided by traditional and nuclear methods.
  • Construction Staking:  Our survey team has a long and very successful record of completing large construction staking efforts for all infrastructure projects. We utilize the latest technology in construction staking and automated machine control staking.
  • Grant administration:  Adkins has experience securing additional funding for projects, and we have prepared and submitted applications on behalf of our clients to procure funds. We help our clients secure grants or low interest loans and we also have the resources to administer grants for planning, design, or construction phases.
  • Certified payroll review: Adkins is qualified to perform certified payroll review as well as prepare verified payroll reports.
  • Preconstruction services: We provide comprehensive preconstruction services such as planning, scheduling, estimating, reviews, value engineering, prequalification of contractors, bid support, etc.
  • Construction Monitoring:  Adkins performs monitoring to ensure construction quality and adherence to plans and specifications, and to maintain project schedule. Services also include observing construction of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) items that are sensitive to slope and elevation. Deviations from project drawings as well as questionable materials or methods are reported immediately to our clients.
  • Project Management:  Adkins can manage your entire construction project, from planning and coordination, to financial and progress controls. Our project management services maintain high project quality while ensuring a financially viable project and successful outcome.
  • Special Structural Inspection: Our firm is able to perform special structural inspections and provide reports including written documentation and pre-inspection, demonstrating our competence and relevant experience or training, as specified in the building code. We can inspect most structural systems, including welded steel, rebar/concrete, wood, etc.