Adkins Consulting Engineering, LLC :: Water


Adkins has been supporting communities, utilities, irrigation districts, and even individual farmers and ranchers for decades with a wide range of water services, all striving to balance the economic, environmental, and social needs for dependable water supplies with sustainable solutions.

Our engineers are experienced in all facets of delivering water supply projects, ranging from preliminary planning all the way to treatment, design, and construction support. We can provide a multi-disciplinary team to support all of your water projects with creative, economical, and sustainable solutions and designs.

Our extensive experience in water planning and engineering includes the following areas of expertise:

Master planning

Adkins has provided services for drinking water supply and water resource planning projects for a variety of regional clients providing innovative and economically sound solutions.

Surface and Groundwater supply

We have supported our clients with water supply engineering services for both surface and ground water supplies, such as intakes, supply evaluation, water quality analyses, and well site selection.

Alternatives analysis

Adkins is well-versed in assisting our clients to evaluate and select the best solution to meet their needs. Project alternatives can be analyzed and compared based on factors such as cost, feasibility, environmental impacts, permitting challenges, and regional impacts.

Project cost estimation

As a team, we are involved in all aspects of providing accurate project cost estimates including all levels of estimation, cost analysis, financial planning, and funding procurement, which are all key for a successful project. We seek to provide our clients with the optimal balance between schedule, quality, and cost, and use our combined experience to provide a high level of accuracy.

Funding and grant application assistance

The Adkins team is experienced and well-versed with all state, federal, and other funding programs, which allows us to support our clients in optimizing project funding. We understand the details and intricacies of funding programs and can help our clients avoid financial pitfalls and have the best chance to successfully procure funding.

Regulatory compliance and permitting

We are also experts in supporting our clients with obtaining and maintaining compliance with all local, state, and federal environmental regulations and other permitting requirements. Our team regularly monitors regulatory updates to ensure our clients adhere to all regulatory requirements.

Pump stations and storage

Adkins has strong capabilities in designing, upgrading, and retrofitting pump stations and storage tanks. Our local design experts’ unparalleled experience in designing facilities for rural areas helps our clients construct systems that are flexible and user-friendly.

Drinking water treatment and disinfection

Our engineers help our clients to select and design the optimal solution for their water quality and service demands. We offer creative designs that comply with current and future regulations while maximizing the use of existing infrastructure to minimize unnecessary costs.

Distribution system analysis and design

Our experience with conveyance and distribution piping includes both system analysis and design of improvements for small and large distribution systems and pressure zones. We use powerful modeling software to design the size and layout of distribution systems to optimize flow capacity while eliminating dead-end and under-sized lines.


City of Tulelake, CA – Water System Planning and Improvements and Booster Pump

Adkins’ engineers worked side by side with the City of Tulelake to evaluate the City’s aging water system, including wells and storage tanks. We developed a comprehensive Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) to summarize the status of the system along with associated recommended improvements. The primary concerns included the limited ability to control the well and storage tanks, and the unnecessary excess power usage. Not only did Adkins design a better operation scheme, but we also assisted the City to apply for and receive funding for the recommended upgrades to the water system. All upgrades have been successfully completed resulting in a substantial energy and cost savings to the City.

Keno Water Company – Water System Improvements

Adkins performed a comprehensive suite of services for Keno Water Company’s Water System Improvement Project. This included design, surveying, materials testing, constructing staking, and construction administration for approximately 1,700 feet of six-inch water main, service line transfers, fittings, valves, design, and construction of two 125,000 gallon standpipes. Also included was the construction of a pump house, a pump, all associated piping, instrumentation, controls, and the completion of a 450-foot cased 10-inch diameter potable water well with associated appurtenances. Adkins completed this $1.8 million design project on-time and within budget.

City of Bonanza – Bonanza High School Geothermal and Potable Water Wells

We worked on a wide range of services for Bonanza High School, including engineering and design, surveying, materials testing, and construction administration of approximately 1,215 feet of six-inch water main for heating and fire sprinkler improvements. Also included were 185 feet of four-inch geothermal discharge pipe, fittings, valves and related appurtenances, trenching and backfill for propane gas lines, and 1,350 feet of electrical conduits and pull boxes. Adkins also administered the construction of a 230-foot deep geothermal well and 200-foot deep geothermal injection well, well house, potable water well pump and piping, as well as all instrumentation and controls.