Adkins Consulting Engineering, LLC :: Services

Professional Services

Adkins has a wide range of in-house engineering, surveying, project management, and materials testing expertise all under one roof.  Our diverse team and expertise minimizes the need for clients to contract with multiple firms.


Our engineers are experienced in all facets of delivering water supply projects, ranging from preliminary planning all the way to treatment, design, and construction support. We can provide a multi-disciplinary team to support all of your water projects with creative, economical, and sustainable solutions and designs.


Our team includes experts for every step of your wastewater project, from alternative analysis, permitting, and design, to construction management. Our engineers are well-versed in the latest innovations and effective technologies, all while considering the client’s budgetary constraints and desired level of complexity. We help select and design the best solution to meet our client’s sanitation needs while protecting the natural environment for future generations.

Water Rights

Water rights can be complicated… and the application process daunting. That’s why we’ve been assisting cities, farmers, and other entities who are required to obtain a permit or water right from the Oregon Water Resources Department since 1987.


Adkins’ engineers provide creative and effective transportation engineering and design services ranging from route analysis to funding assistance and design. We are experienced in identifying the most feasible alternatives and considering stakeholder input along with local regulations.

Structural Engineering

At Adkins, our results-oriented engineers look forward to each new project and the challenges it brings. We incorporate our client’s needs into safe, code-compliant, and cost effective designs by taking the time to listen and understand. We combine this knowledge with fundamental structural engineering principals, our experience, and cutting edge technology, to develop the best design for each individual project.


Adkins’ team includes several registered civil engineers and technicians who are experts in irrigation distribution systems, their uses, and the evaluation of existing systems. Our experienced staff has been providing irrigation engineering services in Southern Oregon for over 30 years.

Surveying & GIS

Survey precision is typically the first step in a successful design or construction project. Adkins’ survey team is the region’s most experienced and accurate, as evidenced by the completion of over 2,000 land surveying and staking projects in Southern Oregon over the past 30 years. We use Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is a key computer-based tool, to analyze, inventory, and manage geographical information. Adkins has you covered with our surveying and GIS capabilities.

Land Planning

Successful land planning must address many technical issues as well as the economic, physical, and political constraints that are unique to each project. Adkins is a regional leader in planning, and we approach master planning in a comprehensive manner, helping our clients meet the challenges of increasingly stringent regulations by providing innovative solutions.

Materials Testing

We provide laboratory and field testing services. We test soils, aggregates, asphalt and concrete in accordance with ANSI, ASTM, AASHTO, ACI, ODOT and other standards. Adkins technicians are trained and certified by organizations such as ACI and ODOT and our laboratory is inspected and certified by ODOT on a regular basis.

Construction Management

At Adkins, we consider ourselves advocates for our client’s success. We provide construction management, monitoring, and special inspection services to ensure that your projects are constructed according to plans and to the level of quality that you expect. We have assisted our clients on projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar, multi-year construction projects.